My Friends: We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you will join with me as we try to change it”

Barak Obama

 Yes I can lie and say “I think the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard, that I want what’s best for the country.” The truth is my approval rating fell to 44 percent in the latest CBS News Poll, the lowest level of my tenure in office.

Those that agree with and side with BO are traitors toAmerica just like he is and should be tried as such in a court of law. His plan is purposeful and dangerous to Americaa nd all freedom loving Americans. Notice in his quote he acknowledges Americais great, but then notice that he wants to change it. Now why would any freedom loving American want to change this country into something other than a beacon of life, hope and freedom for the entire world to see?

His actions are on purpose to destroyAmericaand help ushering in one world order. Look at the recent disaster in the gulf. He wants it to get worse so he can extort more money out of the big bad capitalist oil company. He wants higher gas prices so all of Americans can suffer with higher gas prices and adverse economic impact. He does not wantAmericato succeed inAfghanistanenacting stupid rules of engagement that prevent our soldiers from killing the enemy and giving the enemy the opportunity to kill our men in combat.

He wants higher taxes and high unemployment so the crisis will not go to waste. Dodd recently stated we have a crisis and had to act and pass another 2,000 page bill that no-one has read to enforce more control over banks and the American people.

See it is not about compassion but control, taking away liberty, freedom and replacing it with a socialist state. My bashAmericatour was sending a message to the world that I am now in charge and you can expect to see changes like usingUStax dollars to fund abortions around the world, redistribution of wealth, a weakenedUSmilitary, a weakenedUSeconomy and dollar.

I said in my book “I will stand with the Muslims if the winds of politics shift in the wrong direction. Have I not dome that while President as I give rights to terrorists and free lawyers and give orders not to use words such as Islamic Extremist or terrorist and lie about theFortHoodshooter. You see America I am a Muslim and will do my best to destroy America and you can see I have been quite successful in less than 2 years in office as we continue our all out assault on America, liberty and freedom.

Remember I am the guy who said during the campaign that our military was air raiding villages killing innocent women and children. Now how can someone who says something like that want our military to succeed? Well I do not want to win the war on Muslims terrorist. But I do want to wage war onAmerica.

Barak ( Narcissist ) Obama   It’s Time to Fire Barak America!

MY AMERICA – Obamaland

 President Obama beat us down.

He’s appointed Radical Homosexuals to chief positions in the White House like “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings who use their positions to push pro-homosexual policies.

Obama andJenningswant to force local school districts to promote homosexuality to kindergarteners and teach your children that your Godly values are “hate speech.”

And just a couple months ago, Obama brazenly browbeat our military leadership into surrendering to the Homosexual Lobby.

He’s even threatening to court martial Christian soldiers who do not abandon their own religious values and endorse homosexual immorality in the military — any soldier who refuses these direct orders is to be held in confinement.

8 Republicans join Obama in betraying the family.

 Obama’s Puppet Congress beat us down.

Not only did Congress help Obama force homosexuality onto the military, they also passed the dreaded Thought Control Bill.

The Thought Control Bill could make it a federal hate crime to proclaim God’s laws in uncompromising fashion or tone, or in any manner, that is “perceived” as a bias. It’s already happening inEurope.

And the Republicans won’t reverse any of it.

The Obama Puppet Congress has dozens of “progressive” Republicans with a pro-homosexual bent.

This year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) might as well have been called the Homosexual Political Action Conference.

But Congress isn’t our only problem.

 Several states beat us down.

Anti-family governors who endorse perversion were elected inCalifornia,New York,Maryland,Minnesota,Rhode IslandandNew Hampshire.

Gay and lesbian couples are “marrying” inWashington,D.C.They ride roughshod over thousands of Christians pleading for a referendum.

And “moderate” Republicans like the Governor of Iowa are shamelessly installing pro-homosexual judges.

 What’s it going to take to turn this around?

 Major corporations beat us down.

Pepsi, Home Depot, Disney, Levi’s, CVS, K-Mart, The United Way, Sony Corporation, McDonald’s, Gap, Ford, Target, Starbucks and other major retail outlets donate millions of dollars in support of the Homosexual Lobby.

Meanwhile, pro-family companies like Chick-fil-a and Just Cookies are attacked and boycotted by Homosexuals Activists.

 College Campuses beat us down.

Many ofAmerica’s campuses are homosexual cheering squads — and dead ends for the careers of Christians who dare share their faith.

Any moral thinking student or faculty member is harassed, expelled, or even physically attacked.

 The media beat us down.

 And major news media continues to hammer you and me.

Every prime time news and entertainment show is packed full of pro-homosexual anti-family propaganda.

They are driving the country further into the gutter of immorality and too few people seem to care.

 The Courts beat us down.

The Homosexual Lobby got a Federal court to “find”California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional and that is headed to the Supreme Court.

And another federal judge approved a challenge to gut the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) inMassachusettswhich is also headed to the Supreme Court.

 Sometimes it seems the only place you can go for peace from the racket of the homosexual propaganda machine is your home, your church and a handful of groups like your Public Advocate.

 Obama’s War on National Security

Three New Navy Ships


Seeing it next to the Arizona Memorial really puts its size into perspective…. ENORMOUS!

When the Bridge pipes ‘ Man the Rail’ there is a lot of rail to man on this monster: shoulder to shoulder, around 4..5 acres.  Her displacement is about 100,000 tons with full complement.


Top speed exceeds 30 knots, powered by two nuclear reactors that can operate for more than 20 years without refueling

1. Expected to operate in the fleet for about 50 years

2. Carries over 80 combat aircraft

3. Three arresting cables can stop a 28-ton aircraft going 150 miles per hour in less than 400 feet


1. Towers 20 stories above the waterline

 2. 1092 feet long; nearly as long as theEmpireStateBuildingis tall

3.  Flight deck covers 4..5 acres

4.  4 bronze propellers, each 21 feet across, weighing 66,200  pounds

5.  2 rudders, each 29 by 22 feet and weighing 50 tons

6.  4 high speed aircraft elevators, each over 4,000 square feet


1. Home to about 6,000 Navy personnel

2. Carries enough food and supplies to operate for 90 days

3.  18,150 meals served daily

4.  Distillation plants provide 400,000 gallons of fresh water from sea water daily, enough for 2,000 homes

5.  Nearly 30,000 light fixtures and 1,325 miles of cable and wiring 1,400 telephones

6.  14,000 pillowcases and 28,000 sheets


The USS William Jefferson Clinton (CVS1) set sail today from its homeportofVancouver, BC

The ship is the first of its kind in the Navy and is a standing legacy to President Bill Clinton ‘for his foresight in military budget cuts’ and his conduct while holding the (formerly dignified) office of President.

The ship is constructed nearly entirely from recycled aluminum and is completely solar powered with a top speed of 5 knots.  It boasts an arsenal comprised of one (unarmed) F14 Tomcat or one (unarmed) F18 Hornet aircraft which, although they cannot be launched on the 100 foot flight deck, form a very menacing presence.

As a standing order there are no firearms allowed on board.

This crew, like the crew aboard the USS Jimmy Carter, is specially trained to avoid conflicts and appease any and all enemies of theUnited   Statesat all costs.

An onboard Type One DNC Universal Translator can send out messages of apology in any language to anyone who may findAmericaoffensive.  The number of apologies are limitless and though some may seem hollow and disingenuous, the Navy advises all apologies will sound very sincere.

In times of conflict, the USS Clinton has orders to seek refuge inCanada.


This ship will be used to ferry illegals across theRio Grandeto pick up their welfare checks as advance payments for their democratic votes.

Details are as vague as his past, his economic policies and his credentials to lead.

But don’t you worry…..he has a plan!

Yes I can pretend I am serious about world peace by holding a Nuclear Summit inWashington and keeping the liberal out of the meetings.

            Let me be perfectly clear, theUSunder my watch will not Nuke anyone for any reason. If our terrorist friends want to kill innocent Americans then that is OK, because I am the Appeaser in Chief. I hope this is very clear by now.

It is a vital national security interest of the United Statesto reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them”. And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.”  I AM THE APPEASER In CHIEF!

Yes I can give upAmerica’s National Security. Smile for the camera people.

Yes I can sign into law the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for our military. I call it my pay back to the homosexual lobby. I love the homosexual vote.

Yes I can makeAmericaweaker and sign a treaty withRussiaour enemy. The New START treaty, signed by me and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April, would require the former Cold War adversaries to cut deployed strategic nuclear warheads to no more than 1,550 each within seven years.

It also would reduce the number of deployed strategic missiles and bombers to 700 for each side and establish a verification and inspection system to ensure they abide by terms of the agreement.

There will be a large disparity in tactical, short-range nuclear weapons betweenRussiaand theUnited States.

I love makingAmericaweaker as I am a traitor toAmericaand I am an impostor and I say to our allies “Get your own bombs, I won”.

Yes I can use the lame duck majority — explicitly rejected by the voters ofAmerica— to compromise our national security by ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

The treaty limits the U.S.missile defenses and the preamble suggests that we would not engage in any new military technologies to thwart nuclear weapons. It also says we cannot convert any of our rockets into interceptors and it locks in about a 10,000 unit tactical nuclear warhead edge for the Russians. It reduces strategic warheads — where there is now rough parity — but not tactical ones where Russia has a huge advantage.

Why should we be rewardingRussiaby relieving them of the expense of building new missiles and defense systems?

Had Reagan followed this line of liberal stupid stinking thinking, the Cold War would never have been won. Remember thatRussia’s economy is less than one-tenth the size of ours. So the best way to reduce their power is to make them divert spending into the military. That is the best way to accomplish our basic goal: To bring down aRussiaincreasingly focused on domination and replace it with a democratic nation that lives at peace with the world.

 If approved, the treaty  will be a dangerous and capricious move that will undermine our security for years to come.

Yes I can use strong-arm tactics and Sen. Harry Reid to ram through a lame-duck Congress one of the most sweeping nuclear treaties theUnited Stateshas ever signed, a treaty that has many problems that could jeopardizeAmerica’s national security.

Make no mistake about it: Limiting nuclear weapons on all sides is a worthy call. As President Ronald Reagan said, “A nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought.”

But Reagan also understood that treaties with the Russians must be made deliberatively, be fair to both sides, be verifiable, and be linked to good behavior on the Russians’ part.

None of these attributes would be complied with fully if theUnited Statessigned New START today.

Indeed, many who played central roles in Reagan’s arms-control strategy that led to the end of the Cold War are warning that it would be a major mistake to sign and ratify New START.

Among those with sterling conservative credentials urging Senate Republicans to oppose the unprecedented move to pass a major international treaty during a lame-duck session of Congress: former Assistant Defense Secretary Richard Perle, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, former national security adviser William P. Clark, former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III, former Reagan administration Assistant Secretary of Defense and Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney, and many more.

“We already know there is galactic disagreement between whatRussiaand the Obama administration say the treaty portends for missile defense,” columnist Andrew C. McCarthy writes on NationalReview.com.

So why the rush to ratify an agreement the meaning of which the principals already disagree on?

Especially when the treaty depends on the good faith of one Vladimir Putin, who ordered Soviet tanks to roll intoGeorgiaas recently as 18 months ago in a reckless military adventure that cost hundreds of civilian lives.

In striking a deal that Russian leaders are delighted with, President Barack Obama conveniently overlooks the fact that his “strategic partner,” Vladimir Putin, is no Mikhail Gorbachev — tragically, far from it.

In fact, Putin has waved a big cudgel to get the Senate to go along with the treaty: If they don’t approve it, he threatens a new arms race and a buildup in Russian forces. And that’s the negotiating partner that the administration, desperate to counter the nuclear ambitions ofIran, has determined to be trustworthy.

When Republicans noted that the preamble of the treaty appears to hand the Russians the long-sought weapon they need to eviscerate theU.S.edge in development of a missile shield to guard against rogue nuclear attacks fromIranor elsewhere, the administration downplayed the significance of treaty language.

As Obama might say: Words matter!

When Senate Republicans offered an amendment to clarify the preamble to ensure theUnited   Statescan develop missile defenses, Democrats blocked it.

A greater concern, however, is the Russian negotiators’ insistence that President Obama did in fact negotiate a de facto prohibition on further U.S. development of its missile defenses.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared that the missile defense strictures are “clearly spelled out in the treaty” and “legally binding.”

Understandably concerned over how such a drastic schism already could exist in the treaty’s interpretation, Republicans asked the administration to release the extensive diplomatic record of the negotiations. The administration has stonewalled that request — but insists it has nothing to hide.   DO YOU BELIEVE ME THE LIAR IN CHIEF

Missouri’s Sen. Kit Bond, who has seen some of the documentation, is urging fellow senators to vote against the measure because he says it is virtually unverifiable.

Perhaps the most serious and immediate flaw is that the treaty ignores the vast imbalance betweenU.S.and Russian tactical nuclear forces.

By some estimates,Russiamaintains 10,000 or more of these smaller tactical nuclear warheads, which can be delivered via artillery shells, cruise missile, short-range tactical missiles, and aircraft.

The post-Cold WarU.S.inventory is in the hundreds by some estimates.

Yet the treaty, which would freeze missile launchers at 1,550 for each side, willfully ignores the massive Russian advantage in tactical weapons.

Yes I can sign into law this treaty that is being pushed through the Senate without proper deliberation, during a lame-duck Congress, no less.

Other shortcomings the treaty raises include:

  • Like any treaty, New START is only as solid as the inspection regime that backs it up. Critics say the verification measures in the treaty are far weaker than previous arms reduction deals.
  • Russiaalready is widely believed to be in violation of other international accords. It failed to abide by international agreements to withdraw all of its forces from South Ossetia following the war in Georgia, and the Strategic Posture Commission has declared that Russia “is no longer in compliance” with agreements to limit deployment of tactical nuclear weapons.
  • Russiahas been loath to cooperate with international sanctions againstIranand has provided anti-aircraft missiles toVenezuela, a close ally ofIran.
  • Also,Russiacontinues to engage in Soviet-style espionage against theUnited   States. The latest example was the discovery of a massive Russian “sleeper cell” network in theUnited States.
  • Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz recently revealed that a State Department memo extensively documents secret talks between the Russians and the administration on missile defense — despite assurances that no such deal was being discussed. McCarthy writes: “Obama not only is philosophically opposed to robust missile defense, but has actually reneged on missile-defense commitments the nation made toPolandand theCzech Republic.”
  • Because the new treaty would limit launchers, it encourages the Cold War-era practice of MIRVing, that is, placing multiple warheads on a single missile. The SS-18 of that period was called a “city-buster” because each launcher contained 10 missiles that could be independently targeted to rain death onU.S.cities.
  • The treaty does not constrain the quality of offensive missiles.Russiais embarking on an extensive modernization program. The administration has promised to do the same forU.S.missiles, but so far the funds have not been requested.

The greatest reason to suspect the true motivations behind the treaty is the inexplicable, headlong rush to ratify it.


Former U.N. Ambassador Bolton points out that, because the administration was unable to meet its Dec. 5 deadline to implement a new inspection regime for ongoing verification, there is no way to know what the Russian military may be doing to make verification more difficult. A simple bridging agreement on verification would be adequate to maintain the current level of security until New START could receive a more thorough review by the new, incoming Congress, he writes.

The Cold War has ended, butRussiacontinues to maintain a state-of-the-art strategic and tactical nuclear force. This fact, coupled with the questionable fate of democracy inRussiaand moves toward authoritarianism there, should give the U.S. Senate pause about signing such a far reaching arms treaty.


“The democracy will cease to exist

when you take away from those who are willing to work

and give to those who would not.”

Thomas Jefferson



Yes I can start the campaign on 4/4/2011 instead of being President;

An earthquake, a tsunami, a nuclear meltdown in a major ally, overthrow in Egypt, war in Libya, unrest across most of the middle east, signs of inflation, a budget battle, a looming government shutdown, and the ongoing economic crisis are just too much for President Obama.  His popularity is plunging; his responses are baffling; and even his base is turning against him.

The administration is incredibly undisciplined with Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Gates seeming to contradict each other on the same program, at the same time.  Everything coming from the White House screams that there is a clear lack of strong leadership, but not to worry.  Obama isn’t worried about a troubled world; Obama is ready to get back to his bread and butter—campaigning.

In an attempt to change the news cycle, Obama has officially launched his reelection campaign today. With even the most ignorant liberals beginning to see Obama’s clear lack of leadership, the Obama team had no choice but to pivot back to the only thing Barack Obama has ever done effectively—campaigning.  Decisive decisions required of leaders has never been a strong suit for Barack “voted present” Obama.  As a leader, the people see him as weak, surly, and disengaged, but boy can he deliver a teleprompted speech.

The incredibly difficult events of the last month have exposed Obama’s priorities, and they are completely self-absorbed.  Postpone a vacation to Rio because you are about to engage aMiddle Eastnation militarily and the world’s third largest economy is facing a nuclear catastrophe?  Don’t be ridiculous!  Double down and launch your reelection campaign as soon as you get back.

As a member of Generation X, it is easy to pinpoint the mentality of Barack Obama.  As a student, I grew up in public schools that taught self-esteem was more important than results, and if something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.  As a conservative, I believe that pain, hard work, and perseverance make us stronger, but liberals like Obama believe in avoiding pain at all costs.  Only when you look at it from this context can you understand the mindset of running away from the painfully difficult decisions faced by the President of theUnited Statesin order to return to the adulation of adoring crowds.

His teleprompter will once again captivate the ignorant and willfully ignorant. ======================================================

War on Terror

Yes I can censor the word “Islamic radicalism” from a National Security document that deals with threats confronting America.
Yes my advisers say the new version emphasizes that the U.S. does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism.
But the change is a radical shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventive war. It currently states, “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.”

 Yes I can aid and help Muslim terrorists. Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops inIraqare on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited “around 25” men from the Derna area in easternLibya to fight against coalition troops inIraq. Some of them, he said, are “today are on the front lines in Adjabiya”.

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” but added that the “members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader”.

Read the truth America as I am a traitor to America.


Wasting tax payer money

Yes I can help my friends at GE in exchange for campaign contributions. Obama’s favorite CEO gets GE out from paying any UStaxes. What a coincidence!  I’m sure that GE’s ability to generate $14.2 billion in profits, $5.1 billion in theUS, and end up getting back $3.2 billion from taxpayers has nothing at all to do with its political connections and favorable tax breaks and loopholes it has pushed through Congress.

America read the truth as I am a traitor to America and just like other crooked politicians.

Yes I can spend tax payer money to bailout government run off track betting inNew Jersey.

Yes I can spend $200 million a year in security for the people who blew up theWorldTradeCenter for a civil trial.

Yes I can give more Stimulus money to Democratic Districts

A new study reveals that congressional districts represented by a Democrat have received significantly more money from the $787 billion stimulus bill than those with a Republican representative.

The study by Veronique de Rugy, senior research fellow at theMercatusCenter, found that on average Democratic districts got 1 1/2 times as many awards as Republican districts in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Those Democratic districts received about 2 1/2 times more stimulus dollars than Republican districts, $122 billion to $46 billion.

And Democratic districts also received larger awards on average than did Republican districts — $471 million for a Democratic district and $260 million for one represented by a Republican, de Rugy points out in an article for National Review.

But the study found no correlation between stimulus spending and unemployment.

“We should expect the government to invest more money in districts with higher unemployment rates,” de Rugy writes, but the study “suggests that unemployment is not the factor leading the awards.”

Surprisingly, the total number of jobs claimed as created or saved overall by the stimulus actually declined from the previous quarter, dropping from about 634,000 to roughly 597,000.

“To sum it up,” de Rugy notes, “it’s a lot of money for jobs that are disappearing, and the money isn’t going to high-unemployment districts, probably because politics gets in the way.”

Yes I can shut down the government. Democrats have been dragging their heels on a budget, because they think they can blame Republicans for a shutdown – just like they did in 1995. Republicans want to throw out all the wasteful spending Democrats have jammed in, and regrettably, Democrats would rather hurt the country than come to the table, willing to make sacrifices.

Democrats are incapable of explaining to Americans why they oppose incremental spending cuts that total $2 billion a week. They cannot defend their spending increases because they know they are wrong!

Under Barack Obama, government spending has increased 21.4%

Under Barack Obama, welfare spending has increased 54%

Under Barack Obama, the number of unemployed Americans is 13.9 MILLION

Obama and his Democrat cronies could have passed a budget when they had complete control of both houses of Congress. They didn’t need one Republican vote to do so, but they didn’t – because their budget was full of pork that they knew the American people would not accept.

After they took a licking in the November, 2010 midterm elections, Democrats had to scramble to ram through last-minute, ridiculous legislation before Republicans came in and took over the House. That took their focus off the country’s fiscal crisis and enabled them to pass the buck to the next Congress.

After failing to come to a deal with the President on Tuesday, Boehner said “the House will not be put in a box and forced to choose between two options that are bad for the country.” Those two options are a government shutdown and inadequate spending cuts.

Democrats would rather fund NPR … and Planned Parenthood … and Cowboy Poetry Festivals. The Republicans need our support – and the every Member of Congress needs to know that if they ignore the will of the people and continue spending our country into oblivion, they will be OUT OF A JOB.

 A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimate found over $200 billion in federal spending that could easily be trimmed. The GAO report identifies 34 areas where duplicate programs in the federal government are operated across agencies and bureaucracies, and 47 other areas where money could easily be saved.


Democrats in Congress are setting the groundwork for a partial government shutdown so they can lay the blame at the feet of the Tea Party and Republicans in Congress in the hope of political gain. They’re simply putting electoral politics ahead of the business of managing the financial affairs of this nation.

 The New York Times said The Budget Confirms That Mr. Obama Is Not Taking The Lead In Embracing The Kind Of Far-Reaching Deficit-Reduction Plan Recommended In December By A Bipartisan Majority Of His Fiscal Commission.”

 We have to reduce spending RIGHT NOW, and we have allies in Congress standing firm. One trillion dollars in interest payments have been added to our debt in ONLY SEVEN MONTHS. Our economy cannot sustain this. But Democrats continue to insist that the way to pull us “out of the ditch” is to rev up the engine further and bury us deeper.

I won!   I am the president. I will do what George S. and Michelle say. Lets be perfectly clear bout that.

Yes I can use  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in taxpayer “stimulus” money to fund far-Left “community organizer” groups like ACORN as a key part of my strategy to make my hold on political power permanent.

Yes I can run up the debt.

Meanwhile, nearly $5 billion is added to the debt every day as Washington borrows 43-cents out of every dollar it spends. It’s not only unsustainable, it’s unfair – and wrong – to saddle our children and grandchildren with that kind of insurmountable debt.

Yes I can bypass Congress and do whatever I want because I am the prez. In fact, just during my two years in office, my administration has issued TWO HUNDRED new regulations and Executive Orders – all with price tags of well over $100 million EACH.

After the shellacking they   took in the 2010 elections, the statists are now scheming to use presidential   “Executive Orders” and draconian federal regulations to impose   their radical agenda.That’s why you and I must put Congress on record, DEMANDING they use their   power of Congressional Review to STOP the oncoming bureaucratic onslaught.

After you sign, please make a generous contribution to Campaign forLiberty to get more   folks in this fight.  Campaign forLiberty   operates as government should, meaning we will not go into   debt.  We are entirely dependent on your ongoing financial support.

Exercise Congressional Review Petition   to:
My Representative and U.S. Senators


For decades, presidents of     BOTH parties and their federal agencies have abused their power to     “rule by decree” – bypassing Congress and shredding the U.S.     Constitution; and


During his two years in     office, President Obama’s administration alone has issued well over TWO     HUNDRED new regulations and Executive Orders, all with price tags well over     $100 million EACH; and


After the results of the     2010 elections, the statists are looking even more to their pet     bureaucracies to shove their agenda down the throats of the American     people; and


The Congressional Review     Act would prohibit presidents and out of control government agencies from     imposing sweeping new regulations on American citizens without a     congressional vote;


I urge you to use     Congressional Review to stop any and all new regulatory assaults on our     freedoms.

Please submit the information below to sign the   petition.
Copies will be faxed to your representative.

First Name:* Required Invalid Character
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Email Address:* Required Improper Email
Zip:* Required Please use a 5 digit zip


Yes I can exempt that big bad evil large corporation from paying taxes. Afterall they contribute millions to my campaign instead.

 Yes I can spend and spend and spend…..  Federal spending has skyrocketed under Barack Obama, and he has asked Congress to raise the national debt ceiling from its current level of almost $14.3 trillion. However, with the national debt at $14 trillion and counting, the Democrats’ spending frenzy cannot continue.

If you agree with me, that we cannot afford to take on additional debt beyond the $14 trillion we already owe, urge Congressional leaders to vote against Barack Obama’s demand to raise the debt ceiling by signing this petition right away.

Unfortunately, if Barack Obama has his way, spending will only continue to rise at dangerous levels. Yesterday, the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted Obama has flip-flopped on the issue of raising the debt ceiling. In 2006, then-Senator Obama voted against raising our country’s debt limit, and now he calls this vote “a mistake.” If Barack Obama believes that voting against taking on new debt is a mistake, then it’s time for new leadership in the White House.


War on Israel

Yes I can love Muslims but hate the Jews. I can tell the Jews to stop building homes for their people but I can spend US tax payer dollars to help the Muslim terrorist by building them schools, and get them health care, and talk to them about science.

Yes I can be mean and hate Israelbut be nice to Iranwho has called The US ‘Big satan”. The U.S.government has awarded at least $107 billion over the past decade in federal contracts to companies investing in or doing business in Iran. Hey they are a Muslim nation and I love the Muslims and I am a Muslim.

Yes I can forceIsraelto give upJerusalemto the terrorist Palestinians voluntarily or I will use the UN to force them do it.


Hypocrite –and LIAR in Chief

Yes I can love Muslims, because I am one. I can forceAmericato have a special relationship with Muslims, but I do not have a relationship with the Catholics, the Christians, the Buddhist or the Jews.

Yes I can say thatAmericawas not founded on Christian principles. Why do I say these things? I am a socialist Muslim, that’s why and I hateAmerica. Hey, I sat in a racist hate speech church under Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.

Yes I can lie about OBAMACARE being about helping the less fortunate.

The truth:

  • It’s a simple proposition to      us: Everyone is entitled to adequate medical health care. If you call that      a ‘redistribution of income’—well, so be it. I don’t call it that. I call      it just being fair—giving the middle class taxpayers an even break that      the wealthy have been getting.”—Vice President Joe Biden
  • “(Health reform is) an income      shift. It is a shift, a leveling, to help lower-income, middle-income      Americans. … [T]he maldistribution of income in America has gone up way      too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy, and the middle      income class is left behind. (The new health care legislation) will have      the effect of addressing that maldistribution of income in America.”—Sen.      Max Baucus (D-Mont.)
  • “I don’t worry about the      Constitution on this. … What I care more about, I care more about the      people dying every day that don’t have health care.”—Rep. Phil Hare      (D-Ill.)
  • “Let me remind you this      (Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal healthcare) has      been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of      the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300      (million) American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the      necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the      legislation together to control the people.”—Rep. John Dingell      (D-Mich.)

Yes I can offer bribes of jobs to people running for public office. Allegations that the White House offered Joe Sestak a job in exchange for dropping out of the Pennsylvania Senate race echo an earlier report of a job offer to candidate Andrew Romanoff in Colorado.

On Sept. 27, 2009, the Denver Post reported that the Obama administration offered Senate candidate Romanoff a position if he canceled plans to run for the Democratic nomination against incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet.

The paper said the job offer, which specified particular jobs, reportedly was delivered by Jim Messina, Obama’s deputy chief of staff. One position the Post cited was a job at USAID, the foreign aid agency. Sestak-gate: White House Offered Romanoff Job, Too

Yes I can lie and say “Right now all around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates all across the country.  And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are.  You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation.  You don’t know if it’s a big oil company, or a big bank.  You don’t know if it’s an insurance company that wants to see some of the provisions in health reform repealed because it’s good for their bottom line, even if it’s not good for the American people.

Me and his friends on the Left are back to accusing you and me of being front groups for “foreign-controlled corporations” or for “big banks” or a “big oil company” – the President personally denigrates the integrity of over 1,200,000 Americans just because he’s angry that we’re taking an effective stand against his liberal policies.


MY WAR on AMERICA  – The Elitist Redistributionists in Chief

Yes I can ram through a so-called “financial regulatory reform” package that would continue and even expand the same practices that created this latest economic crisis. Crafted by my socialist friend Senator Christopher Dodd, the Senate version would create a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to be housed at the Fed and funded by it. And theConnecticutsenator would have us believe this agency would be “independent.


The legislation also includes a new Financial Stability Oversight Council to “monitor” companies that supposedly could become “too big to fail.” The Council will have the ability to require nonbank financial companies to be under the Federal Reserve’s supervision if the government deems they pose a “risk” to financial stability.

Wake up Americait is Tea Parties vs. Socialist Redistributionists »

Yes I can laugh in the faces of the Tea Partiers once the passage of Obamacare was assured. Pelosi grabbed her gavel and, along with a group of her lackeys, marched boldly through the crowd of Tea Party protesters on the day the voting began, hoping above hope to incite some incident that would allow them to paint the protesters as radicals and racists.

Yes I can stand back and watch the lie of calling Americans racist who disagree with us. The arrogant elitists made up an incident, with one congressman saying he was slurred by a racial epithet from Tea Partiers and another claiming he was spat upon. Despite those claims no arrests were made, no video or audio evidence of any slurs have turned up and the congressman who claims spittle flew his way was unable to make any kind of identification of a culprit. And Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 reward to the United Negro College Fund for evidence of a slur remains unclaimed.


Capitol police escorting the group of elected elitists through the crowd of Tea Party peasants saw no evidence of anything untoward and sensed no danger for those they were charged with protecting.

Yes I can divideAmericaand participate in the name calling and support Congressmen who lie to the liberal media and fabricate stories about Americans calling us names.

Yes I can give illegal immigrants tax payer money.  If the immigrant is over 65, they can apply for SSI and Medicaid and get more than a woman on Social Security, who worked from 1944 until 2004.

She is only getting $791 per month because she was born in 1924 and there’s a ‘catch 22.’

It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890.  Each can also obtain an additional $580 in social assistance, for a total of $2,470 a month.

This compares to a single pensioner, who after contributing to the growth and development ofAmericafor 40 to 50 years, can only receive a monthly maximum of $1,012 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees!

Yes I can pal around with communist dictators.Even the Communist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, joked that Barack Obama is to the left of him and his good friend Fidel Castro. Chavez even calls President Obama “Comrade Obama!” Here’s what Chavez said during one of his regular attacks onAmerica and free-enterprise:

“Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”

Yes I can hate America and pal around with terrorists and rascists. It now turns out that President Obama, his America-hating pastor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright, and his longtime friend, the unrepentant terrorist and Weather Underground Founder William Ayers really are “birds of a feather.”

For his entire political life, I have chosen to make not liberals, but committed radical leftists who hateAmericamy closest associates.

Ayers, you might remember, says he’s glad he bombed the Pentagon and a police headquarters inNew York   City. He just wished the bombs had been more effective.

My political career was launched in the living room of this anti-American terrorist, William Ayers. The two met while I was a “community organizer” for the radical Left group ACORN — which is eligible to get $2 BILLION from mys “stimulus” bill even though ACORN is under investigation by the FBI for engaging in massive voter registration fraud in the 2008 election.

Yes I can open the floodgates on the Mexican border to turn as many Mexicans as possible, as fast as possible, intoU.S. citizens, which will produce millions of new brand pro-Obama voters.

Yes I can grant statehood to the District of Columbia — which would add another two Senators and a House member to the liberal side automatically.

Yes I can pack America’s federal courts with hardcore leftists. These ultra-left judges have zero respect for liberty, zero respect for our Constitution, and will just use their power on the court to advance my ultra-left, neo-Marxist agenda forAmerica.

Yes I can steal elections — like what happened to GOP Senator Norm Coleman in Minnestota, when he won the election only to have it stolen from him in recount after recount.

How is it possible that the ultra-leftist Al Franken picked up new votes in every single recount?

Yes I can give Muslims millions and billions of US Tax payer dollars to refurbish and build Mosques around the world. HEY I AM A MUSLIM. I LIED ABOUT BEING SOMETHING ELSE TO GET YOUR VOTES.

Yes I can bankrupt Americaand drive up inflation and gas prices. I AM THE MAN in OBAMALAND!

You see, the government and the Fed put taxpayers on the hook for $14 trillion during the financial crisis.

Trillions were funneled to Big Banks, Big Labor, and Big Auto during the economic collapse, which was caused by the Fed’s reckless monetary policies and debt-fueled housing bubble.

And those were just the trillions we knew about!

Recently, it was revealed that the Fed funneled over $4 trillion to foreign bankers during the economic meltdown.

You and I only learned of the Fed creating money out of thin air to funnel to globalist bankers because a federal court ordered Ben Bernanke to release a select few documents – and Congress responded to our pressure by passing a limited audit.

Who knows what other unholy alliances, secret schemes, or trillions of stolen dollars Ben Bernanke is suppressing from the American public?

 War on the Second Amendment ( Only my Terrorists friends Should Have Guns )

Yes I can take your guns.


Since taking office two years ago, Obama has consistently bypassed Congress and has given the federal government control of almost every aspect of our lives.


Cing border violence, the ATF has issued an “emergency order” requiring any store that sells more than two rifles within a five-day period to report the names, addresses and serial numbers of those transactions if the firearms are greater than .22-caliber, semi-automatic, with the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

If it’s so important, why didn’t Obama allow Congress to vote on it? Because Congress wouldn’t touch it. And if it’s all in the name of border security, as he insists, why does it apply to every state and not justborder states?

This regulation is expected to take effect Wednesday, January 5th!

Obama is attempting to regulate a fundamental, individual right guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution—but it shouldn’t surprise you, because he’s done nothing but “regulate” us to death since he’s been in office.

The Obama administration has known about this ATF proposal for months, but they kept it quiet, knowing that people like you and me would be outraged.

Yes I can nominate formerSeattlemayor and anti-gun nut Greg Nickels to serve as an ambassador to the UN Arms Trade Treaty meetings. Nickels has a long history of pummeling law-abiding citizens with anti-Second Amendment laws.

Obama has already stacked the Supreme Court full of gun-haters. Now, he wants to make sure his gun-grabbing agenda is carried out by the UN.

It’s not just fanatics like Greg Nickels who are working hard to strip you of your gun rights. The liberal machine is greasing its wheels and gearing up to choke Americans with the most extensive anti-gun laws in history. With Obama in the White House and anti-gunners in control of key committees in Congress, the gun grabbers are out for blood.

Yes I can disarm Americans.

*** The Disarming American Citizens Act — H.R. 2159 the so-called “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009” — allowing anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder to revoke the Second Amendment rights of ANY American he chooses based on pure “suspicion;”

*** A new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, targeting ALL semi-automatic rifles and shotguns — which, unlike theClinton ban, will NEVER expire;

*** H.R. 45, the “Catch-All” Obama Gun Control Bill, which would create a national gun registry, require a two-day waiting period, hike taxes on gun sales, federally ban ALL private firearms sales and FORCE you to take a written exam just to prove you’re “fit” to own a firearm;

*** The U.N.’s “Small Arms Treaty,” which would confiscate and destroy ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms and set the stage for INTERNATIONAL gun confiscation. Recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust [small-arms] treaty.

Yes I can pass laws banning guns from law abiding Americnas. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) has introduced legislation to close the so-called “gun show loophole”….

Lautenberg’s legislation, S.843, has been referred to committee and has already gained the support of many prominent anti-gun senators including Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), John Kerry (D-MA), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and NRA “A”-rated Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

They’re doing it all in the name of public safety and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, but you and I know that’s just a red herring.

Criminals and terrorist don’t buy guns legally, and they aren’t going to be stopped by closing the so-called “gun show loophole.”

The anti-gunners want to close the so-called “gun show loophole” because they want to force every gun owner inAmericato jump through Big Brother Government’s Brady Bill Registration check.

If they’re successful in closing the so-called “gun-show loophole” you can bet banning all private sales of firearms will be next on their agenda.

You don’t have to believe in conspiracies to be afraid of the government having an electronic record of gun purchased, including the serial number, name and address of the purchaser.

That sounds a lot like backdoor registration to me.  You and I both know that registration is the first step toward the gun-grabbers’ ultimate goal: total citizen disarmament.

Yes I can take your guns away.   By now it should not be news to you that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is completely out of control.

Last week I told you about their “Project Gunwalker” program, where the BATFE has been knowingly funneling American guns intoMexico.

To make matters worse, one of those guns was used by a Mexican drug runner to kill a United States Border Patrol Agent.

You read that correctly…

The BATFE’s negligence and their obsession with pursuing their anti-gun political agenda cost the life of an American law enforcement officer. It’s simply outrageous.

On top of it all, the arch gun-hater himself, President Obama, has nominated a notoriously anti-gun agent to be head of the out of control BATFE.

That’s right. An anti-gun zealot is about to be put in charge of the very agency assigned to curtail your firearms freedoms. And Capitol Hill sources tell me the Obamacrats are pulling out all the stops to ram his confirmation through.

Make no mistake, Andrew Traver is an enemy of liberty and an enemy of gun owners like you and me.

He is:

  • opposed to private firearm sales.
  • …opposed to civilian ownership of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.
  • …in favor of banning all gun shows.
  • and he even wants the Center for Disease Control to have oversight of the firearms industry!

This is the man that Obama wants to run the most anti-gun federal agency in existence. A man that the Brady Campaign “applauded” for his work on disarming citizens.

Despite being rebuked by the American people on election day, Obama continues to push his anti-gun agenda.

Andrew Traver is a man who is in favor of Chicago’s draconian and oppressive gun laws, the same laws the Supreme Court ruled against (and where my brief was quoted) in the McDonald case. Do you want those laws for your city? How about for your state?

Or, worse yet, your country?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Traver won’t try to enact the same jack-booted thug tactics nationwide that he did withChicago.

Gun owners like you and me cannot stand by and let them think that the mob-style politics ofChicagowork for the rest of your country. Your freedoms are worth a few phone calls.  Don’t let a stooge of the Brady Campaign run the most anti-gun and out of control government

You know that Obama would love to appease his pals in the anti-gun lobby. By nominating Andrew Traver, he can make them happy without endangering his shrinking Congressional cabal.

The simple fact is, with a president like the one we have now, we have to be extremely vigilant. He is going to continue to accomplish as much of his extreme agenda behind the scenes as he can. And when he acts, if we don’t call him out, it may end up being too late.

Yes I can eradicate your 2nd Amendment Rights. With anti-gunners heading for an electoral beating in November, Obama, Brady, and Bloomberg along with the rest of the anti-gun zealots know they have only a few weeks to ram through their private gun sales ban (H.R.2324 & S.843).

In fact, they have scheduled a “Press Briefing” before Congressman Bobby Scott’s Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security for July 14th.

Together with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and numerous high ranking politicians they will announce their plot to eradicate our Second Amendment rights before the summer recess in August.

Yes I hate guns, AMERICA and Americans but I love Muslims!

 Yes I can ban all ammo!

By using “my” unelected bureaucrats in Environmental Protection Agency, Obama wants to ban all hunting, target and self-defense ammo that contains even traces of lead.

That’s right, they’re trying to ban your ammo. By using the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, they want to ban all hunting, target and self-defense ammo that contains lead, no matter how little.

There is no doubt what this “rule change” would lead to…
. . . a complete ban on all ammunition not approved by Obama’s anti-gun green police

Yes I can ban guns. Did you know that I banned nearly a million American made rifles? Nearly a million rifles. Banned by me and my anti-gun cronies.

In an executive order the Obama Administration has secretly blocked the re-importation of American made M-1 Garand and Carbine rifles being stored inSouth Korea.

These rifles were used by the USmilitary during the Korean War and left there after the war was over. With one stroke of my pen, I by-passed the legislative process and banned nearly a million American made rifles by executive fiat.


Yes I can ban guns. MY administration is working hand in glove with the UN to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty.”

Disguised as legislation to help in the fight against “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates,” the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is nothing more than a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.

 Ultimately, the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is designed to register, ban and CONFISCATE firearms owned by private citizens like YOU.

If passed by the UN and ratified by the U.S. Senate, the UN “Small Arms Treaty” would almost certainly FORCE national governments to:

*** Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding citizens cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally;

*** CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);

*** BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons;

*** Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION.


Nationalized Socialized Health Care _ I call it OBAMACARE, MY WAR ON YOUR HEALTH

Yes I can regulate and control Americans healthcare as I am The Obama Man. Let’s be perfectly clear OamaCare is legislation that is:

•    Socialist:  The Wall Street Journal rightfully singled it out as “the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced” and Rep. Michele Bachmann cut to the chase when she declared it “the crown jewel of socialism.”

•    Staggeringly Costly:  Even government bureaucrats agree that it will cost $1 trillion in the first decade alone.  Keep in mind, in 1966 we were told that Medicare would cost $3 billion with a projected cost of $12 billion by 1990.  The actual cost of Medicare in 1990?  $107 billion.  The bottom line is that this $1 trillion figure is not a ceiling, but rather a floor… a floor on a potential skyscraper.

•    Un-Constitutional:  As I stated earlier, lower court decisions are already stacking up against the bill, properly calling a spade a spade by declaring the government mandate that individuals purchase health insurance as un-Constitutional.

•    Anti-Free Market:  The bill is chock full of government mandated requirements that will destroy the best healthcare system our world has ever known.  I would like to remind Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama that it is the free market – not government intrusion — that has found cures and made advances in medical treatments.

•    Pro-Abortion:  Supposedly “pro-life” Democrats sold out millions of unborn children when they turned a blind eye to loopholes (so large that you could drive a Mack truck through them) that provide for federal funding of abortions.

•    Full of new and increased taxesObamaCare is one of the largest tax increases ever thrust upon the American people – with over 2 dozen increased taxes and $500 billion in new taxes and fines on small businesses.

•    Job-Killing:  The impact to small businesses – the job creating engine inAmerica- cannot be understated.

I wonAmericaso I do whatever I want. And if you disagree then that makes you a racist. Plain and Simple.

These are just a few of the contless harmful effects of ObamaCare:

  • Costs trillions of dollars, burdening our government with inescapable debt
  • Adds 16,000 new IRS agents who will be administering ObamaCare at the cost of billions
  • Constitutionally flawed, forcing individuals to buy health care or be fined
  • Over 1,000 unions and big corporations have been given exemptions by Obama’s HHS Department while no small businesses or individual Americans are exempted

In the midst of the Obama Administration’s stunning lack of leadership in the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, the news that yet another federal judge ruled ObamaCare un-Constitutional seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the mainstream media over the last month.

This was not some amicus brief filed by some partisan group.  It was, in fact, a declaratory judgment handed down by U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson and was a de facto injunction that declared the entire law null and void.

In other words, barring a request for a stay by the Obama Administration, ObamaCare is an un-Constitutional law and the implementation of its provisions must immediately be stopped.

 While the lack of reporting on this ruling is troubling (albeit expected from the left wing media), what is even more concerning is that, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report,  “The Obama administration said it has no plans to halt implementation of the law.” A senior administration official said, “We will continue to operate as we have previously.”

In other words: the Obama Administration has taken their arrogance to an entirely new stratospheric level by simply choosing to ignore the ruling of a federal judiciary.

Yes I can federalize insurance companies inAmerica

In another regulatory jihad, the Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in December issued a 136-page federal decree essentially nationalizing the process of setting insurance premiums (historically a state-level decision).

Yes I can have death panels for old and sick people by re-introduction of government end-of-life healthcare rationing (i.e., the death panels that were supposedly dropped from Obamacare to help get it through Congress). The author of Obamacare’s infamous Section 1233, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), cheered on the bureaucratic reinstatement of death panels by sending out an email stating that “the longer this regulation goes unnoticed, the better our chances of keeping it.”

Yes I can choose an outrageous “recess” appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick to be the administrator of Medicare and Medicaid.   Berwick was sworn in yesterday, without a single Senate hearing.

Two quotes tell us all we need to know about Dr. Berwick.

First, here’s what Berwick thinks about the failing British government health care system; “I am romantic about the National Health Service; I love it.”  Berwick has looked at the long lines, government control of health care treatments, higher death rates for many cancers, massive bureaucracy and government waste that is the British healthcare reality and decided THEIR government-run system is “romantic.”

Let me give you just one number — 50,000.  That’s the number of surgeries canceled each year inBritainbecause the patients become too sick for the surgery while waiting in line.

Second and more chilling from Dr. Berwick, “The decision is not whether we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

So my choice to run Medicare and Medicaid openly advocates something I  claim I oppose — rationing of our health care.  No wonder not even the Democrat-run Senate would confirm Dr. “eyes open” Berwick.

Yes I can socialize health care in America despite the fact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (before Berwick took the helm) recently released cost projections for the health care takeover and they found that the legislation will INCREASE health care spending by $311 billion over the next decade while causing 14 million Americans to lose their current employer-based coverage.

 Yes I can ignore the American people. During a town hall meeting with me, a woman named Doris from Lake   Wylie, South Carolinastood and asked a simple question.

      Question to President Obama:

  • Given the current economic crisis, “is it a wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care bill? Because we are over-taxed as it is.”

The answer to that question is NO. It is NOT a wise decision to add more taxes. And yes, we are over-taxed as it is.

I did not like the question. I took 17 minutes to respond, and by all accounts I failed to give her a straight answer. I did tellDoristhat, “this is an area where there has been a whole lot of misinformation.” Yet it seems the biggest source of “misinformation” is my attempt to hide from my new tax increase.

So let’s take a minute to answerDoris’ question with simple, straightforward facts.

1.The Obama/Reid/Pelosi health care bill contains a massive $569.2 BILLION tax increase.

2.The Obama/Reid/Pelosi health care bill collects $60 billion in new taxes BEFORE any major benefits of the bill begin in 2014.

Among the tax increases contained in the bill:

  • Taxes on individuals who can’t afford or don’t purchase insurance.
  • Excise taxes on existing health insurance plans. This tax will overwhelmingly impact middle-class Americans.
  • Taxes for hiring workers. These taxes will be levied on some companies employing as few as 50 workers.
  • New taxes on investment income. This tax could further slow our economic recovery.
  • New taxes and fees on medical devices—a cost which will be passed on to patients.
  • And more…and more and more.  See I love Raising your taxes and destroying America.

  My WAR on Americans Appetite!

I love telling Americans what they can and can not eat. My wife does it too.

 Yes I can tell you what to eat and I will sick the FDA on anyone who tries to cross me.

When the federal government gets into the business of classifying walnuts as a “drug,” you know that American medical innovation is going down the crapper!

Politics destroys most everything it touches and medical care is no exception. That’s why in the coming months you are going to hear more and more from me about the importance of medical self reliance.

Wealthy pharmaceutical giants

use the FDA to harass

makers of natural remedies.

Let’s start with a new plan by FDA bureaucrats to expand their dominion over walnuts. Why? Because walnuts are a natural therapy available as a supplement to – or, in some cases, a replacement for – prescription drugs!

Some private marketers are exercising their First Amendment rights to say so. Enter FDA bureaucrats, who only last year sent an ominous “warning letter” to Diamond Foods, Inc.

FDA scolds have an issue with the way Diamond referenced scientific and medical studies in their marketing. In essence, the FDA told Diamond Foods, Inc. – Walnuts Are Drugs! Here are some excerpts from the ridiculous letter (emphasis mine):

…your walnut products are offered for conditions that are not amenable to self-diagnosis and treatment by individuals who are not medical practitioners; therefore, adequate directions for use cannot be written so that a layperson can use these drugs safely for their intended purposes. Thus, your walnut products are also misbranded under Section 502(f)(1) of the Act, in that the labeling for these drugs fails to bear adequate directions for use

Just to be clear, we’re talking about the whole food – walnuts. Not a molecule or derivative or modified extract made from walnuts. It’s the same walnuts you find in a fruit cake!

…your firm’s website also contains several additional unauthorized health claims…

The FDA doesn’t have an issue with the validity of the scientific or medical research referenced, such as the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts. Its issue is that it did not authorize Diamond Foods, Inc. to say so.

…You should take prompt action to correct these violations. Failure to do so may result in regulatory action… seizure or injunction.

It’s Just Walnuts,

Not Illicit Narcotics or Poisons that Harm Consumers!

The FDA is taking on Diamond Foods, Inc. because it was promoting the health benefits of walnuts, nothing more.

  • Diamond was not using false statements.
  • Walnuts are not dangerous to your health (as are many FDA-approved prescription medications, whose side effects and improper administration kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year).
  • The scientific and medical research referenced by Diamond was true and accurate.

But because Diamond was promoting health benefits, the FDA claimed that it now has the authority to step in, classify walnuts as drugs, and force Diamond to correct violations or face “regulatory action… seizure or injunction.”

Which Brings Me to This Natural Therapy. What is it?

Why are FDA bureaucrats out to getU.S.walnut producers and stymie promotion of the beneficial effects of walnuts on your health overall, including sexual health? It’s beyond Puritanical. They obviously don’t get out enough.

You need to know the truth, and despite the apparent regulatory risks, I will tell you! Since this Monday is Valentine’s Day, I’ll start with sexual health.

Walnuts contain an amino acid called arginine, which is also found in beans, cold-water fish (tuna, salmon), soy products, and oats. Arginine promotes a process called nitric-oxide release, which relaxes blood vessels and increases the blood flow, including to the penis.

Walnuts Also Deter Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes,

and Even Memory Loss!

 Walnuts not only taste great but are also a rich source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and an excellent source of those hard to find Omega-3 fatty acids. They help protect against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular problems, and type 2 diabetes. Packed with anti-oxidants, they help deter cancer.

A limited (but increasing) number of studies have shown potential health benefits for walnuts in the area of memory and general thought processes (often referred to as “cognitive” processes).

A final fascinating aspect of walnuts and their potential health benefits involves melatonin (MLT). MLT is a widely-active messaging molecule in our nervous system and is very hormone-like in its regulatory properties. MLT is critical in the regulation of sleep, daily (circadian) rhythms, light-dark adjustment, and other processes.

 My Radical Socialist (Rowdy) Friends

Yes I can have Lifelong Associations with America-Hating Radicals.

It now turns out that President Obama, his America-hating pastor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright, and his longtime friend, the unrepentant terrorist and Weather Underground Founder William Ayers really are “birds of a feather.”

For his entire political life, Barack Obama has chosen to make not liberals, but hardcore radical leftists who hateAmericaas his closest associates.

William Ayers, you might remember, says he’s glad he bombed the Pentagon and a police headquarters inNew York   City. He just wished the bombs had been more effective.

Yes I can launch my political career in the living room of this anti-American terrorist, William Ayers. The two met while I was a “community organizer” for the radical Left group ACORN — which engaged in massive voter registration fraud during the 2008 elections and contributed $800,000 to Obama-for-President Campaign.

Yes I can love the Muslims as I said in my book “I will stand with the Muslims when the winds of politics shift in the wrong direction”. I stood up and lied about the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist. I quickly moved to shut up the under wear bomber, and what about the 2 guys in Jersey, never heard much of anything about them did youAmerica.

Yes I can stop and order anyone from using the words Muslim extremist, Islamic extremist or Islamic terrorist. No we can not use these words on my watch as president.

Hey see some of my friends below. Got to love these guys passion. GO MUSLIMS. I am a Muslim you know.

I love the Muslims.

Yes I can make ALLAH Babies right here inAmerica. I am using US tax payer dollars to bring pregnant Muslim women toAmericafor the sole purpose and having Muslim babies and give them US Citizenship. These women have pledged allegiance to Allah and radical Islamic terrorist groups and have no intention of following our Western ways.

I love the Muslim babies and I love killing American babies. It’s trueAMERICA. A Turkish owned Hotel in New York is helping to get these Muslim terrorist loving pregnant women to America and I am using your tax dollars to help them make ALLAH babies and we saw what a few of these ALLAH loving Muslim terrorist did on 9/11 and now the Muslims are raising terrorist babies on American soul.


Catchy huh!

YES I love radical Socialist and Community Trouble makers. I did say “If they bring a knife then we bring a gun”  and “Get in their face”

Yes I love the socialist Alinsky.

I recently re-read radical left-wing activist Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (the anti-gun Left’s political playbook).

As you may know, Barack Obama, spent years as a “community organizer (agitator)” teaching the so-called “Alinsky Method” of organization in workshops and classes.

In the “Tactics” chapter, Alinsky wrote this:

   Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

The radical Left has distilled this lesson into their favorite motto: “never let a crisis go to waste.”

You and I shouldn’t be surprised to see that this President is using a highly-publicized lone wolf shooting inArizonato try and grab power.

“Consensus.” “Commonsense.” “Responsible.” “Reform.” “Agreement.”

These words have been uttered before. They are Alinsky words. They are code words for curbing our gun rights — and if you and I have anything to say about it, this President will not succeed.

Shrouding himself with the blood of innocents in Sunday’s Arizona Daily Star, Obama calls for greatly expanding background checks and rewarding states who share sensitive gun ownership records with the behemoth Federal bureaucracy.

He isn’t going to let the tragedy inArizonago to waste. He’s using it to advance his anti-gun agenda and chip away at your rights.

 My War on Babies – Hey I am the compassionate President

Yes I can approve the use of military bases for abortion. A committee in the U.S. Senate voted in favor of using taxpayer-funded hospitals on military bases around the world to perform abortions. I can not wait to pass this into law.

Yes I can appoint a pro-abortion person to US Supreme Court.   Make no mistake about it: Ms. Kagan is the most virulent, pro-abortion Supreme Court nominee in over a decade.  An investigation has unearthed alarming information about Ms. Kagan’s anti-life positions. In a December 14, 1996 memo, Ms. Kagan discloses her true feelings in support of partial-birth abortion. Her own handwritten notes state that the Clinton Administration should take the position that partial-birth abortion “may be the best or most appropriate” option for women!

 Yes I can use US citizens tax payers dollars for under age prostitution and killing babies of under age girls. A recent undercover investigation – the latest in a whole series from Lila Rose and our courageous friends at Live Action – revealed Planned Parenthood discussing how to exploit innocent young victims of sex trafficking and how to cover up possible crimes. In these shocking undercover videos, filmed in New Jersey and Virginia, Planned Parenthood representatives counsel pimps for prostitutes on how to facilitate abortions for 14 and 15 year-old sex slaves! I know this is painful to read and incredibly disturbing. But how many more scandals must we endure before Congress cuts off Planned Parenthood’s subsidies?

 Yes I can continue to kill more babies in America. Fifty three million lives have been snuffed out at abortion clinics around our nation since 1973. Planned Parenthood is a nationwide organization that supports and funds abortion clinics and operates on a billion dollar budget- and nearly a third of those funds come from the federal government! Your taxpayer dollars are being spent to pay for other people’s abortions 

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