Obama’s WAR on American Jobs

Yes I can make a decision to turn my back on the proven American aerospace manufacturing community and instead award a $1 billion defense contract to a Brazilian-owned and operated aircraft manufacturing company. The U.S. government should be working to create jobs here at home, not in Brazil.

Our nation has seen a lot of reckless actions come from My Obama White House over the last three years, but this one could be one of the most damaging.

Why are we sending our taxpayer dollars oversees to outsource both our national security and valuable manufacturing jobs?

Raising even more questions is the fact that the administration has refused to provide any justification or explanation for their decision to award the contract to a company that this currently under investigation by the Department of Justice and the SEC for corruption and bribery.

I am not working to create jobs here at home, but in Brazil.

You see America I won and can destroy America excellence one step at a time.

Visit SaveUSDefenseJobs.org today

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