Yes I can lie about my birth place

In 2006, Senator Barack Hussein Obama and wife Michelle visited his family and his birth place in Kogelo, Kenya.  The Kenyan government dedicated Obama’s birth place and made it an official national landmark.  His Kenyan family and government all acknowledge that he was born there in Kogelo

Prior to his visit, the people of Kogelo had dedicated their small 4 room school to the US Senator, naming it the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School.  The school had been built on land that Obama’s paternal grandfather had donated for the school.

When the senator saw the conditions of the school, which had no running water, no electricity and no sanitation, he promised Yuanita Obiero, the school’s principle,

“I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up the school, but I have said I will assist the school, and I will do so.”

Five years later, the school has received no assistance from its honored namesake and the town is beginning to give up hope of ever getting anything from him.  They feel he has broken his promise to help, but then what’s new.

Obama’s grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama lives in a small family compound in the village along with other family members.  The graves of Obama’s father and grandfather lie in the front yard.  Her home is surrounded by government security forces to prevent any possible terrorist action against Obama’s family and his birth place.  After the death of Osama bin Laden, the Kenyan government has increased security as they do fear possible al-Qaeda retaliation.

If you want to know the truth, I think Obama is not keeping his promise because he is trying to distance himself from his Kenyan birth place and family.  Any form of acknowledgment or assistance to the school or family would be taken as an admission of his birth roots and he can ill afford to do that at this time.

The Kenyan security forces do restrict access to the family from outsiders including the press, but I’m surprised that someone has not been able to interview his grandmother Sarah and other family members and get them on tape documenting the local birth of our beloved Obama.  Yet, when I think about it, I suspect that Obama has taken measures to prevent that very thing from happening.

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