MY WAR on America

Yes I can do whatever I want because I won America.

I can unleash the Cafeteria NAZIS at your local school. Recently my brave Nazis confiscated a 5 year old kindergarteners’ lunch. This little girl tried to eat a lunch prepared by her mother and it did not meet the Nazi States requirements.

My cafeteria NAZIS acted swiftly and took the 5 year old girl aside and ram sacked thru her lunch while she watched. Her lunch prepared by her mother contained a turkey sandwich with cheese, a banana, potato chips and apple juice.

The NAZI police gave her the approved lunch of chicken nuggets and vegetables. Now let’s be perfectly clear I am the Nazi Commander in Chief and I will tell children what to eat at school or else they will suffer the consequences and humiliation including receiving a bill to pay for the school lunch.

Let us not forget that chicken nuggets contain butane and silicone and that Michelle is an alcoholic preferring exotic mixed drinks while flying and vacationing in exotic places.

Yes America I won and can do whatever I want including harassing your children at school.

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