Obama’s War on Babies

I love watching chimpanzees. They are, without a doubt, one of God’s most fascinating creatures.
Recently, there’s been loud fanfare about the move by the National Institute of Health to ban medical testing on chimpanzees. Animal rights groups are concerned about the suffering that these apes might have to endure.
They are poked and probed, insured, injected with harsh, deadly chemicals, and then left to languish in agony while deadly drugs do their work.
Sound gruesomely familiar? Isn’t that what abortionists do to millions of innocents in the womb every day?
From their actions, it’s clear, the Obama Administration wants animals to have more rights than the unborn in the womb do. But, isn’t it grossly unjust that there should be government intervention — heck, entire agencies — to protect monkeys, yet the Obama Administration is handing over billions of our tax dollars every year to brutal abortion mills, with hardly any oversight or limitations?
How can there be such joyful hoopla in the media over the banning of chimp testing because of ethical qualms, but that same media treats with distinct moral outrage the issue of abortion.
Americans like to view themselves as compassionate to weaker creatures. But the media has things seriously skewed when it comes to protecting the lives of the unborn.
Abortion is just plain evil.

All life is precious, but there is something seriously wrong when chimps have more protection — much more — than human babies do.
That’s where you and other members of the National Pro-Life Alliance come in.
We are fighting the fight that matters, and we will never stop fighting for what is right, until together, we not only end taxpayer funding of abortion, but also pass a Life at Conception Act to overturn Roe v. Wade.
While we have compassion for all life, shouldn’t a precious baby be given more consideration, and government protection, first, above all others?

Yes I am Obama and I can kill more babies than any other president ever. I even voted for a law in Ill to kill babies if they survived the abortion. I determine who lives and who dies as I am Obama the Baby Killer.

I love that Christian vote thou so keep that vote for me you stupid Bible toting Christians.

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