Obama’s War on Health Care and Freedom

Yes I am Obama and I can control your health care and lie about the benefits of Socialist Health Care as we take over your freedom little by little while you do not notice before it is too late. Americans are so stupid.  I am Obama your worse nightmare America!

Will it be a job killer? Absolutely. Will it do real and significant damage to the economy? For sure, as the CBO confirmed just last week when it reported that the real price tag will be upwards of $1.76 trillion over 10 years.
Here’s another under-covered drawback to ObamaCare: It will fundamentally change the ethics in the medical profession. Writing at Reason.com, practicing surgeon Jeffrey Singer lays out in explicit detail the increasing bureaucratization of the medical profession, and what that kind of top-down command is doing to the practice of medicine:

[G]radually the medical profession has been forced to give up this [the Hippocratic] approach for what I like to call a “veterinary ethic,” one that places the interests of the payer (or owner) ahead of the patient. For example, when a pet owner is told by a veterinarian that the pet has a very serious medical condition requiring extremely costly surgery or other therapy, the veterinarian presents the pet’s owner with one or more options—from attempt at cure, to palliation, to euthanasia—with the associated costs, and then follows the wishes of the owner.

ObamaCare represents the culmination of a major paradigm shift in the practice of medicine — one that reorients the system from serving the needs of patients where decisions are made between individuals and their doctors, to a system where doctors become wards of the state, serving the interests of their big government bosses who ultimately pay their bills.
Dr. Singer goes on to lay out the stark reality of the threat this poses to medical ethics:

[H]ospital administrators will have more control over their medical staff. If doctors don’t follow the protocols and guidelines, and desired outcomes are not reached, hospitals can replace the “problem” doctors.

So where does all this place the medical profession with respect to its ethical credo? In a few years, almost all doctors will be employees of hospitals and will be ordered to practice medicine according to federally prescribed guidelines—guidelines that put the best interests of the state ahead of the interests of individual patients.

When the physician’s primary obligation is to satisfy the wishes of the payer—ultimately the wishes of the state—how can patients be truly confident in their doctors’ decisions?

This is the coming crisis. And this is why repeal of ObamaCare is imperative.

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