I am Obama , A Socialist

Media Still Hiding From Obama’s Link to Socialism
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Even after three and a half years of President Obama using government money  to try to buy control over automobile, alternative energy and other companies;  of trying to run the country by executive order instead of constitutional  processes; and of using every tool available to try to tax the wealthy and  expand the ranks of the government-dependent — even after all of this, the  mainstream media are still trying to deny a link between Obama and  socialism.

The Associated Press recently sent out a story titled “Is Obama a Socialist?” designed to head off that sort of crazy talk from us wild-eyed fringe  conservatives.

There have been other stories recently, as well, denying any connections, in  addition to unknown numbers of such articles over the past several years and  before Obama was elected.

The fact that such stories even appear in supposedly “serious” publications  and websites is remarkable. During the Bush years, nobody seriously considered  whether President Bush was a fascist, despite the bazillion or so times he was  called that by liberals. That’s because the accusation was patently false.

But calling Obama a socialist has more traction, hence the media efforts to  deny such a link.

The stories read like they’re written from the same script. First, denial  that he’s a socialist. Second, even the idea puts you in the fringe. Third, even  registered Socialist Party members deny Obama’s one of them. Therefore, if you  still think Obama’s a socialist, you’re crazy.

Call me crazy, then. It won’t be the first time.

One of our modern weaknesses is not seeing things for what they are. The  media magnify this problem, probably due to some lingering devotion to a twisted  version of “objectivity.” Journalists tend to say, “Well, so-and-so says he’s  ABC, therefore he is.” A duck can call itself a tiger, and in the real world  it’s still a duck. But according to the media, it’s a tiger.

Obama denies he’s a socialist. Therefore, he’s not a socialist, according to  the media.

This despite nearly everything he’s done in office fitting the socialist  mold.

Then there’s the trope about socialists denying Obama is one of them. This  backs up the media assertions nicely, especially when they quote people who are  clueless enough to try to run for public office under the Socialist Party label  and who don’t actually know Obama.

But there was at least one time when some of Obama’s fellows weren’t so shy — or perhaps I should say sly — about acknowledging him.

Back in Chicago in the mid-1990s, the New Party was formed by a group of  far-left organizations, including the Democratic Socialists of America and  ACORN, with support from the SEIU and the Committees of Correspondence, a branch  of the Communist Party USA.

Obama attended a 1995 New Party meeting, seeking their endorsement. The  meeting included representatives of the Committees for Correspondence and the  Democratic Socialists, according to the DSA publication, New Ground. Obama was  running for a vacant state Senate seat formerly held by his boss Alice  Palmer.

The New Party at the time was actively seeking to turn local, and ultimately  national, politics sharply left, mostly by piggybacking on Democratic Party  races. Obama won his 1996 race and invited New Party members to join two of his  voter task forces.

The New Party News at the time suggests that Obama himself may have joined  the New Party. It reported in its Spring 1996 edition, “New Party members won  three other primaries this Spring in Chicago: Barack Obama (State Senate),  Michael Chandler (Democratic Party Committee) and Patricia Martin (Cook County  Judiciary). … ‘These victories prove that small “d” democracy can work,’ said  Obama.”

A photo in the same edition shows Obama with New Party members. (See the  images below this post.)

Going back even further, to 1993, Obama was a signatory on letters from a  group called Progressive Chicago, which was founded by New Party members “to put  together an organization strong enough to win: If that means supporting a  candidate running as a Democrat, then fine. If that means running our own  candidates in aldermanic or state representative races on whatever line that  gives them the best chance of winning, fine,” according to a Progressive Chicago  pamphlet.

In December 1993, Progressive Chicago sent invitations to its January 1994  meeting to members, including Obama. (See image below.) As a signatory to  Progressive Chicago letters, Obama was included with 16 other names, who  included several members of the DSA, SEIU and ACORN.

Perhaps it’s too subtle for the mainstream media. There is plenty of evidence  that Obama was a member of the Chicago socialist inner circle, but dots do need  to be connected. The only thing missing is a membership card with Obama’s name  on it — although it’s doubtful the media would acknowledge even that.

What you’ve got in Obama is not a non-socialist, but a socialist who’s at  least smart enough to know you still can’t get elected in America by running  under the Socialist, capital S, label.

If you are one of the millions of reasonable Americans who can make logical  deductions, welcome to the fringe. There are a lot of us here.

Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/5525/media-still-hiding-from-obamas-link-to-socialism/#ixzz1xQc4ttAA

I am Obama and here is the truth since I stole the presidency in 2008:

Unemployment has risen from 7.8% to over 15% since Obama took office.

The real U6 unemployment rate is approximately 19%.

National debt has risen from $10.7 Trillion to over $15.3 Trillion – Jan 2009- Mar 2012 US Treasury Dept.

Obama has accumulated over $ 5 trillion dollars in debt in 4 years.

Gas prices have risen from $1.84/gallon to over $3.79/gallon – Jan 2009 to Mar 2012 ABC News

Foreclosure total 7.7 Million since Obama stole office – Jan 2009-March 2012, Realty Trac

One in 5 Homes are still under water.

A record # 46.2 Million Americans in poverty – Sept 2011 US Census Bureau

Record # 46.1 Million Americans receive food stamps- Feb 2012 Dept of Agriculture

Obama stated Water Boarding is Torture, now I am taking credit for killing Osama when waterboarding and other interogating techniques were used to obtain information to find Osama. Those techniques were used when George Bush was President but not under my watch. I killed Osama not Bush!

Obama is a Muslim, hates America, the U.S. Constitution and was born in Kenya.

According to The Wall Street Journal, when you add up what the government spends on entitlement programs – like unemployment benefits, food stamps, Medicaid and Social Security – those payments make up 66% of the federal budget!

In other words, well OVER HALF the money that the government spends is in the form of handouts… money that is taken from one segment of the population and redistributed to another.

But that’s not the whole story…

In fact, according to the Heritage Foundation, 152 million Americans – 49.5% of the population – paid NO federal income tax in 2009!

That means half the population is living off the other half!

How’s That Hope and Change nonsense working for you America?

Wake up America before it is too late.

Vote for BO once and you were an idiot. Vote for him twice and you are a traitor to America.

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