I am Obama and I do Nothing When Amercians are Killed

Report: Hillary Ignored Warnings ( Hey Stupid Americans she works for Me BO)

Breitbart) – Today, the Independent is reporting shocking details about the
attack on the Libyan consulate that resulted in the death of four Americans,
including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The details are so explosive that they will
result in a Congressional investigation. In fact, they’re so explosive that they
should result in the resignation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The only
question now: What did Hillary Clinton know, and when did she know it?

Yesterday, we reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was
responsible under the law for the “security policies and programs that provide
for the protection of all US government personnel … on official duty abroad.”
Clinton herself seemed bewildered by the attacks on the Libyan consulate,
asking, “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we
helped save from destruction?”

But according to the Independent, she had no reason to be puzzled. Quoting senior diplomatic sources, the paper reports, “the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may
be targeted.” Nonetheless, “no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high
alert and ‘lockdown,’ under which movement is severely restricted.”

I am Obama and here is the truth since I stole the presidency in 2008:

Unemployment has risen from 7.8% to over 15% since Obama took office.

The real U6 unemployment rate is approximately 19%.

National debt has risen from $10.7 Trillion to over $15.3 Trillion – Jan 2009- Mar 2012 US Treasury Dept.

Obama has accumulated over $ 5 trillion dollars in debt in 4 years.

Gas prices have risen from $1.84/gallon to over $3.79/gallon – Jan 2009 to Mar 2012 ABC News

Foreclosure total 7.7 Million since Obama stole office – Jan 2009-March 2012, Realty Trac

One in 5 Homes are still under water.

A record # 46.2 Million Americans in poverty – Sept 2011 US Census Bureau

Record # 46.1 Million Americans receive food stamps- Feb 2012 Dept of Agriculture

Obama stated Water Boarding is Torture, now I am taking credit for killing Osama when waterboarding and other interogating techniques were used to obtain information to find Osama. Those techniques were used when George Bush was President but not under my watch. I killed Osama not Bush!

Obama is a Muslim, hates America, the U.S. Constitution and was born in Kenya.

Obama is a Socialist

According to The Wall Street Journal, when you add up what the government spends on entitlement programs – like unemployment benefits, food stamps, Medicaid and Social Security – those payments make up 66% of the federal budget!

In other words, well OVER HALF the money that the government spends is in the form of handouts… money that is taken from one segment of the population and redistributed to another.

But that’s not the whole story…

In fact, according to the Heritage Foundation, 152 million Americans – 49.5% of the population – paid NO federal income tax in 2009!

That means half the population is living off the other half!

How’s That Hope and Change nonsense working for you America?

Wake up America before it is too late. BO Does not work for America!

Vote for BO once and you were an idiot. Vote for him twice and you are a traitor to America.

Stop Lying to America BO, you are a Muslim and Homo.

gets worse. According to security sources, the State Department had greenlit a
“health check” at the consulate I preparation for 9/11. Nonetheless, the
attackers broke the perimeter within 15 minutes of the Libyan mob forming. Local
guards did nothing. One witness reported, “The security people just all ran away
and the people in charge were the young men with guns and bombs.” According to
sources, the Ambassador died from smoke inhalation after he was trapped in a
building set on fire and besieged by rioters.

The Libyan government, for
all its supposed regret, seems less than troubled by the whole incident. Wissam
Buhmeid, who commands the Tripoli government-sanctioned Shield Brigade, which
operates as police in Benghazi, stated, “There were definitely people from the
security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended
by the film; they would absolutely put their loyalty to the Prophet over the
consulate. The deaths are all nothing compared to insulting the Prophet.”

Why wasn’t there better protection at the consulate? Because that’s the
way Secretary of State Clinton wanted it; the State Department posted no Marines
to the consulate. It was staffed instead by those Libyan “security” forces. The
consulate also had “no bulletproof glass, reinforced doors or other features
common to embassies.”

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), who sits on the Senate
Intelligence Committee, “I am asking my colleagues on the committee to
immediately investigate what role al-Qa’ida or its affiliates may have played in
the attack and to take appropriate action.”

The story isn’t over in
Libya. Violence continues. And classified documents have been stolen from the
consulate, reportedly including the names of Libyans working with the Americans.
Safe houses across Libya are now unsafe.

Secretary of State Clinton is
responsible for the security of our staff, consulates, and embassies abroad. If
the Independent’s report is correct, she has violated the most basic standard of
duty. Both she and her boss, President Obama, must be held responsible.


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