I am Obama, see the Movie 2016

Barack Obama responds to 2016 the Movie

On his official campaign website, the Barack Obama team attacks the film 2016 as a “deliberate distortion” citing discredited AP story. Dinesh responded: “Their original strategy was to lie low and hope this goes away, but now they’re launching a full-scale attack, and this is one of the most bizarre, clumsy and ineffective attacks I have seen in politics  … The four alleged errors in the White House critique are bogus. There are no errors in the film.” Breitbart noted: “President George W. Bush remained silent as a steady stream of documentaries attacked both him and his administration during his eight years in office. Bush quietly acknowledged the filmmakers’ right to speak their minds, ignored their cinematic attacks and kept on working. President Barack Obama, in comparison, simply couldn’t sit still while “2016: Obama’s America” continues to smash box office records.”Gerald Molen urges us to speak the truth despite all opposition

Producer Gerald Molen has been attacked by the media claiming the film is “fundamentally racist” Gerald wrote an opinion piece on Town Hall and urges us to repond to these attacks: “I’m calling on all fair-minded Americans to respond to this hate-speech with the most effective tools they have: their feet, and, oh yes, their social networks. I hope they will send a message to liberal film critics by going back to the theater to watch 2016-this time with friends, and refuse to be bullied or kowtowed into silence.”Who did Barack Obama label a “sell out”?

Dinesh D’Souza wrote an article asking ‘Why did Obama use the N-word to describe his grandfather?” “… So what could possibly cause the president to describe his own grandfather in this appalling way? The answer, it turns out, provides an important insight into Obama’s character. The president is not the healer and unifier that he said he was four years ago. Rather, he views people who disagree with him-including members of his own family-in terms of ideological kinship or betrayal. And by Obama’s standard, even his own grandfather is an ideological sellout deserving of insults and abuse…”Read more 

Exclusive film clip: Obama’s Dream:

Current Theaters and Maps

Find a list of Current Theaters by going to 2016themovie.com/theaters We will be in about 1,900 theaters from Sept 14. – Sept 20. Go to Fandangoto find showtimes and buy tickets.
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